Please judge my showcase and tell me what I can improve on

You can play the experience here: Old Town Road - Roblox or you can judge it from the photos i will add soon.
Btw this game is for sale for 500R

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It has a good landscape, but I did not find the theme of the game. I doubt that people like it without having a theme

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So it looks really nice but if you are using free models try to not use them as they sometimes contain viruses. Also removing the decals on the spawn points would make your game look even better.


Oh, sorry I usually like to leave the spawn decals in my showcases when i make them just to show people where they will spawn.

Pretty decent showcase so far.

  • From my point of view, the forcefield(s) blocking me from going past the bridge was purely unexpected and killed my first attempt to explore. I suggest placing something there like vehicles, debris, or a fallen tree to imply that players cannot go here.
  • Advanced lighting would be spectacular.
  • More variety under the bridge in shadows; when I look in corners, everything sort of blends together, and it’s difficult to identify edges.

Def looking forward to seeing this showcase expand
edit: whoops sorry for bumping an old topic, hope this helps anyway

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This is good, but I think instead of trying to sell the showcase, you should be selling yourself for commissions/working on a paid project.

Your ability to use terrain shows and your landscape is beautiful.

I don’t think all the extra rocks are required for every pillar, but some would fit nicely.

You should continue working on this and expanding the playable area some more. Adding some audio might help enhance the experience as well.

Overall, good job. Keep up the good work!

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