Please make the forum more accessible and navigable

Sure, the devforum UI is fine itself but the navigation can be tedious, like why do I have to press three buttons to see my activity? Why won’t just put the activity on left just like discourse does with its vanilla site, I mean when this is compared to discourse original site, it looks really “offbrand”, I’m not saying this should be a forced update but rather an option. Oh and custom themes? Discourse navigation:

The themes on the devforum are themselves not bad, but they should be more options.
Discourse themes:
And last one: custom shortcuts?


The main reason is that this is a brand new Discourse feature that has only recently landed in the stable release. :slightly_smiling_face: We’ll consider it once we up our version.

We will not add more forum themes because we have seen historically that Discourse themes are poorly maintained. We would need to maintain them ourselves and test against all these themes whenever we make a forum deployment. This is not where we want to expend additional effort right now.


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