Please reduce unneccesary entries in the right click context menu

As a Roblox developer, I use the right click button on my mouse a lot in explorer. With the recent additions to the right click menu, I have noticed that it is far longer than it should be.

I am right clicking on a folder in this picture.

There are two things that should be done to fix this.

1) Don’t grey out unrelated entries, remove them.

This is pretty simple. If I am clicking on a folder, there is no reason to see “Show Orientation Indicator” or “Select Connections”.

There really is no excuse for this. I would even consider this a bug.

2) Remove useless options when appropriate.

Here is a part. I have nothing on my clipboard and the part is ungrouped, has no connections, no children, and can’t be published as a plugin.

Yet, I can still see these options.

It is my opinion that while some options like Paste Into remains visible but greyed out to make it clear you have nothing selected. However the other options like Group/Ungroup, Select Children, Connections, Plugins, etc when they are currently irrelevant is a little dubious.

Another thing that might help:
I have a script here with a part as an example. It’s in starter player scripts.

When I right-click the script, I see

This is not probably not useful and can be removed.

It would make it easier to cover up less of the screen and find more important options if the right click context menu was not unneccesarily long.

For example, when I right click on this package, I expect to see “Publish Changes” near the top but instead the context menu is filled with both totally useless and mostly irrelevant options

While I’m at it, it would also help if there was some way to distinguish these important options in the context menu, possibly with an icon of some sort or being highlighted.


In any case, it would help greatly if the context menu was more concise when appropriate by at least removing options that are completely irrelevant for the selected part. Ie, don’t show me connection info for a part or folder info for a part.


This is still an issue in 2023


I agree, with the occasional addition of more and more shortcuts put in the same menu, it’s getting overwhelming. I’ve instead just been trying to learn the shortcuts as it became less overwhelming than using the menu, but some of these do not have shortcuts and I’l have to move through a ton of disabled buttons to get to the function I want.

As requested by @NightlyShores on Twitter, here are several cases, along with their justifications, where actions should be hidden in the right-click context menu rather than simply greyed out. The goal is to improve user experience by streamlining the available options based on context.

- “Ungroup” for instances other than Folders and Models

The “Ungroup” action is only applicable to Folders and Models. Consequently, it should be hidden for instances that are not Folders or Models, as developers do not expect to ungroup instances that are not already grouped together.

- “Select Parent(s)” for top-level services

Top-level services, such as Players and Workspace, have no selectable parents. As these instances are represented at the top of the hierarchy in the Explorer, the “Select Parent(s)” action should be hidden for them.

- “Show Orientation Indicator” for instances outside of Workspace

The orientation indicator can only be viewed for instances within the Workspace as it appears in the game viewport. Given this limitation, developers do not expect to see the orientation indicator for instances outside of the Workspace.

- Attachment actions for instances other than BaseParts and Attachments

Attachments can only be parented to BaseParts or Attachments. Developers do not expect to use attachment-related actions on instances other than BaseParts or Attachments. These actions should still appear greyed out when opening the context menu on a BasePart or Attachment, even if they are not usable.

- “Zoom To” on instances outside of workspaces

The utility of the “Zoom To” action for instances outside of the 3D workspace may be debatable and warrants further internal discussion. Although it is possible to zoom to the location of 3D instances under other services, this feature may not be frequently used by developers. At the very least, the “Zoom To” action should be hidden for instances, such as GuiBase2d, which cannot be zoomed to in the first place.


Thank you for the reply! While I can’t promise any exact deliverable timescale or timeline, I currently think all of these make sense–but there’s always additional context I need in order to be sure.

I’m talking to a variety of people internally and we’ll see what we can do. Thank you so much for this detailed list. If these are all good, I think detection here should be pretty easy to program.


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