Please Remove Me From Builder of the Year (Bloxy Award)

I’m nominated for builder of the year even though I barely build.

I may have been voted into this category because Restaurant Tycoon is listed under my profile, so people might have assumed that I built most of the furniture / restaurants / food in the game. But I just did the scripting, GUIs and a small amount of building.

I don’t think it would be fair for me to win the Bloxy Award over the great builders that are also nominated. I’ve came to the decision to request to be taken out of this category.



I’m pretty sure they cannot do that, but I respect you for being honest. :slight_smile:

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They took a clothing group out of the clothing category so I think they would be able to remove me

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Oh did they? Did the clothing group get replaced?

Nope just removed

Ah okay.

Imagine being this honest



Yeah. I just think the bloxy awards should be a talent contest, not a popularity contest.


We need more people like you in this community :heart:


Glad you’re honest about it! We need more people like you!!

Talk to a developer relations team member, they have been helpful in correcting issues with Bloxys nominations so far.

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Thanks for being honest and calling out the problem. :+1:

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+10 respect points for you. Let’s hope more people in the community are as honest and fair as you.


Awesome of you to be honest

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Who did make it?

Marketing in the past has been fairly resistant to modifying stuff like this (the massive FEAR Catastrophe for example of last year). Perhaps if you’re lucky, the original builder can be credited with this if you win the bloxy (and be given the award)

props to you for doing this though :+1:

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There was about 6 different builders of restaurant tycoon

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If you have a studio for it, try getting that one as the recipient.

UltraGames is our studio - but builder of the year is a solo award, it wouldn’t really make sense for a studio to be nominated.

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A somewhat similar issue happed with @Defaultio last year, I believe. He had been nominated for best original soundtrack in Lumber Tycoon 2, when the music was royalty free. I believe contacting devrelations should be able to fix the issue.

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Respect, you have earned it.