Please remove the Play button on website for Xbox only games

I get alot of people saying they can’t play my Reason 2 Die game. This is because they try to play the xbox version, which for some reason, have a play button on the website?

I suggest the Play button be removed on websites and where it was, an icon should appear saying:
Available at: XBox only.

Same goes for mobile only games.


Have you tried to use any of these under the access tab in settings?

Yes, I only have Console enabled.

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If I switch my xbox-version place to console only and untick the other 3, will that shut down existing servers?

I’m not a 100% sure, but I unchecked mobile checkbox and did not see all servers shutdown… i THINK.
I’m not sure since I cant actually see the servers, just players online.

You appear to have the xBox version appear in your creations, but not the desktop version. Possibly the issue?

I know this used to be a problem with desktop-only games too. If I didn’t have mobile/tablet selected, and went on my phone ROBLOX app, I could still see a play button. Not sure if that’s still an issue or not. If it is, then this thread should be extended to just making the feature work at all in the first place regarding the Play button’s visibility.

Are you sure this is the case? Do note that the place owner will always see the play button; place owners can always join their places regardless of those settings.

I just enabled a place of mine on xbox, logged into a different account and I am met with the message, “This game is not available on your platform. Check the games page to see all playable games.”


Wow, then I have no idea why they keep complaining. Ohwell, case closed.

Did you read my post? You have the Xbox version on your profile.

Both versions are on his profile.

Exactly my point. Remove the Xbox version from his visible profile. People go to the Xbox version, then complain they can’t play it.

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