Please require confirmation before bookmarking a topic

When pressing F on a topic, the Bookmark modal appears. My first reaction is to click off because I probbaly didn’t mean to click it.

But, that saves it as a bookmark.

This isn’t a bug because the same thing happens on Discourse and most other forums, it’s just an annoyance.

What I think should happen is when I click off, it does nothing and ignores the bookmark. But, if I click the “Save” button, THEN it can make the bookmark.


You can press cancel and the bookmark will not be made.

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For whatever reason my first reaction is to click off, and that creates the bookmark, because pushing F brings it up. That’s why I was requesting it not be made unless I click save

This sounds more like a feature request of Discourse itself. Its probably best to just post this on their main forum and not here.


Posted it there, will mark as a solution once something happens there

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Thanks for sharing the feature request with Discourse!

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