Please revert development discussion's description

Short post since its quite a small thing:

Recently I noticed #development-discussion description changed to:
‘For discussing any and all topics related to development on Roblox.’

Whereas before it was something along the lines of
‘For discussing the art of making things’

I feel this change needs to be rectified since it make it significantly harder to flag crap posting / indirect questions about development and therefor get the posts removed promptly, In addition to the fact this opens doors to a lot more non rule violating posts that just clutter the category with useless questions which can barely be discussed.

On a side note can we please start being notified about these changes since personally i’ve already sent feedback to a user about his post not following the category guidelines, and we, as dev forum users, could potentially end up with strikes for ‘maliciously flagging posts’ simply because we were unaware that the rules of the category had changed


I agree with this change.

Development for me is more vague than “the art of making things”. I also really want to be notified because suddenly #discussion was turned into #development-discussion. Then the category about topic changed slightly.

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Development discussion should be about the process of developing on the platform, whether it’s technical questions about certain game development concepts and how to apply them on Roblox, or more generic topics such as improving game stats, player retention, or how to develop a SDLC pipeline, etc.

The new guidelines feel far too lenient and allow for a greater range of posts which I do not care about. I feel like DET should focus on improving the visibility and usability of #lounge:roblox-discussion instead of changing the #development-discussion guidelines so I can unmute the former to see topics which would actually benefit me, and mute the latter.

As an example, there’s this post in #development-discussion: Differences in treatment between Roblox Developers and Roblox Star Video Creators (there’s nothing wrong with it as a topic. It is well structured and contains actual use-cases/examples from the POV of the OP instead of baseless ranting which you usually see in similar topics). However I feel it is not discussing the process of development, rather a more generic development-related topic which should be in #lounge:roblox-discussion. I don’t want to see topics such as these when browsing dev discussion because they don’t teach me anything. I’m browsing the category for a reason to pickup new skills and discuss development.

The issue with moving these topics into the lounge category is they have no visibility. DET should spend resources on improving the dev-discussion category to support the use-cases of new developers and power users to learn something new and discuss high-level development topics, and improve the visibility and usability of #lounge:roblox-discussion for discussions which otherwise aren’t fit for #development-discussion. The current purpose of #lounge in general is very outdated for the current devforum IMO and should be re-purposed to actually be useful on a developer-related forum.


I agree,

Reason people could argue talking about developers making to much money is related to development.While before it implied discussion on making things on the platform, such as building. The problem I see every topic in discussion is usually calling out developers for monetizing there game.

However calling it development discussion has been a signtificant improve.

Right now I can’t really flag people for posting threads like these. The good thing is im starting to see more variety of discussion then before I guess?