Please Review My Showcase Movie

Hi everyone, this is EMULATOR. I began this project with my amazing friend Vichan in January, and created a Showcase Movie to show off the Collection we have made.

Movie Plot:
After falling for deception leading to the installation of malicious malware, the EMULATOR Multiverse combats to survive in the digital arithmetical.

Some complex animations such as strutting and running were used from Mixamo. Other animations were created by Vichan and I in Moon Suite. The runway venue was also created by Vichan and I, while other sets were accomplished using free models.

I would love to hear your feedback on the composition of the video and your overall thoughts.



The visuals and videography was stunning altogether, I love how you incorporated a storyline while showcasing your clothing all at the same time.

You can definitely tell there was a lot of effort and time put into it and its an amazing project, cant wait for more!


woah the production is crazy. I normally am not a fan of these stuff but this is really good!


This idea was so cute and creative! I loved how the movie style is a style that you don’t really see in many communities. Please keep spreading this creativity where ever you go! I love this so much!! Keep up the outstanding work :purple_heart:


Honestly, seems perfect. I have never liked this kind of videos, but it is amazing to see how much effort that you and your friend put into this. The story is quite well thought out, and original. The visual effects are stunning, the characters have a consistent style, the clothing chosen is great and the backgrounds are beyond phenomenal. :smile:


You are one of the most talented people on this platform!


Thank you all so much! :smile:

I watched the video and I think it’s amazing! I’m not really a fan of the realistic ROBLOX avatars, but I’ll allow this one. I love the effects you added into the video and also the animations. Top notch showcase movie! I would rate it a 11/10

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Haha, I appreciate that so much. Thanks for your feedback!

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Its perfect in everything but In my opinion, i personally hate those faces just because of their realism other then that which is just my opinion its perfect. The animations are on point.


I believe it’s rather that they’re supposed to be realistic but fail miserably because of well, the “Roblox structure of a body” and just create a living nightmare of a doll. Roblox rigs aren’t supposed to look realistic, so if you try to make them realistic, it just won’t look good to say lightly.

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:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I do agree Roblox body structures don’t suit a realistic approach, as to why I and many other artists end up drawing the bodies on a rendered head. Hopefully, soon I can create faces with a kinder touch, or bodies that make sense.

Exactly! Thats what i mean. I get why people like realistic stuff like that but i don’t really like it, but its just my opinion.

I legitimately despise the character models you used in this, everything is great except the character models.


This is immaculate! My mind is blown, I’ve never seen something like this! Keep up the amazing work!

I’m getting iPhone by Rico Nasty vibes, whether it’s intended or not it looks great.

Seriously so much effort was put into it and it paid off, amazing! The part where they’re sprinting away from the malware is iconic.

@1ik I think for the design of the environment, the bodies they used were 100x better than blocky ones.

For feedback, maybe include your group name so players can find the clothing easier.

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This was an amazing scene! I heard korean at the start aswell.