Please Review my Swordfighting Game

I and my friends spent a lot of time and effort creating this game.

  1. The concept is simple: It is a casual baseplate-swordfighting game with lobby (Meaning you decide when you want to play and when you want to chill at the lobby). Upon killing somebody you gain 6 points, upon dying you lose 2 points. Your total points are shown above your head so you can flex on other players. You also can climb up kill and point leaderboards.

  2. Points serve as an in-game currency. You can buy cool swords with unique kill effects. After you reach specific amount of kills, you can unlock “Kill Swords” with again, unique design and kill effect.

This is my first game and I would love to hear your positive or negative feedback about the game:


Good game! I think it will do well! There’s nothing wrong with it, I think you should continue working on it as you were previously. Here are some things I think you should add though:

  • Lamp only glows when night time is enabled
  • Version label is on the bottom of the settings menu
  • Points is shown in shop instead of on your head
  • I think kills should be shown on your head instead of points
  • Kill effects should be a setting you can toggle off (if you haven’t added that already)
  • Leaderboards should be collidable
  • Some type of border preventing you from falling off map

For anti exploit stuff:

  • Character velocity check on server (prevent walkspeed, jumppower hacks)
  • Sword size should be forced on client so it can’t be changed (prevent reach hacks)
  • Don’t allow sword touchs which are too far from what it touched (prevent aura/autokill hacks)
  • Objects in DataModel that aren’t services don’t show in Dex Explorer