PLEASE SOMEONE - Is This A Roblox Glitch?

When you have a moving part, like a train and you have a click detector on it, you cant click it whilst it is moving. Is there a way to get around this?

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I’ve just tried this myself using both physics and tween service with a click detector, and there has been no issues, maybe it’s moving too fast for you to click it? Could you maybe show a video with the problem in it.

it’s probably moving too fast, try making a bigger hitbox maybe it will help.

Video: Dropbox - Transport Game - Roblox Studio 2022-09-19 20-53-46.mp4 - Simplify your life
At the start I pressed it and it worked, but when it started moving it didn’t. I’m pretty sure its a roblox bug since this happens in other games too.

yeah, that might be the case. Pretty sure click detector doesn’t works if object moves too fast, so you kinda need to find other way around to make a click detector. maybe try using proximity prompt.

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