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About us

:palm_tree:Your tropical escape:palm_tree:

Plenti Resorts is a fun game where you can do everything that you could do in a real resort. You can play with your friends and if you want to change up the experience you can get a job and work at the resort. We offer many unique activities and breathtaking sights in our resort.



This is the Plenti Resorts affiliate information and requirements. Here, you can find the application, information, and requirements you need to potentially form a partnership with us. Our public Relations team looks forward to reviewing your application. :slight_smile:


Alliance Requirments

100+ members are required. Exceptions can be made.

75+ server members are required. Exceptions can be made.

5+ players on any of your games are required 24/7. Exceptions can be made.

Group must be professional and active.

Must have no history of scamming.

No major drama has affected the reputation of the group.

Well, built & scripted game.

Must have either be a Hotel, Resort, Cafe, Salon, Trampoline Park, Parlor, Airline, Waterpark, School, Restaurant, or Technology group.

Group must actively communicate and engage with our community.

Active communications server.



How many current members does your group have?

How many server members does your group have?

On average how many players do you receive?

What is your group and would you describe it?

Why do you want to affiliate with our group?

What makes your group stand out from the rest?

What sort of benefits would we receive if we decide to partner with your group?

What benefits would you like to see from us?

On a scale of 1-10, how active are you?

Do you agree that your group has to follow our guidelines?

What are your two representatives tags and usernames?

Once completed, please message a relations team member or director the application on a google document.

If any you are caught lying, botting, or breaking our guidelines, you will be terminated and potentially blacklisted.


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