Plethora - Lolo Games

Newest Update

Halloween update!

It’s starting to get a bit spooky around Plethora…

  • More products: x2 Jewels, KAT+, LILY+ and more…

  • New commands: /trades /index /ragdoll /reset

  • New maps: __, __ and __

  • Throwing has been improved!

  • Rearranged the gameplay loop!

  • Halloween crate is here until I feel like it should be removed.

  • And more things that I don’t feel like sharing here!

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  • Lolo: Programming, UI Designer, Builder & Knives

  • Asuur1n: NPCs & Knives

  • KUB: Artist (Thumbnail, Icon & Products)

  • SearTheArsonist: Artist (Spells & Wisps)