PLS DONATE Game Advertisement Help

Hello, I’m currently working on a game similar to PLS DONATE, however I could use ideas on monetization and advertisements. Currently I have a mini sign and VIP gamepass. Help with platforms I should advertise the game on or gamepass ideas will help and are appreciated.

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First, you’ll never be able to beat the dominating , original versions. They have millions of robux, which would devour your game. I personally suggest you make a original game but with the donating system implanted like Starving Artists :man_artist:. For example a business version of PLS DONATE like TalentHub but in a game. Just don’t copy the original game entirely changing a few models that won’t work.


U must try some new way of pls donate like players can see works of the devs ingame like clothes on dummy and teleport to there game. For gamepass try some common thing as well as VIP pass

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Alright yeah I’ve already added a few twists but I’ll add more.

Dont add a feature like FREE HEADLESS, but actual innovative and useful features such as competitions, sandbox building or bigger world.
Just keep in mind, either you’ll need a super bright idea or loads of money or else its 99% going to fail.

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Do you remember Starving Artists? It’s a super smart innovation of PLS DONATE. Now, I got an idea for you. Basically, you can also sell your creations, but this time creations in this game are no longer 2D paintings but 3D builds out of blocks like in Minecraft build battle. I know how hard it is but I promise you it’s going to sell big. PLEASE don’t make a generic t-shirt stall game :baby_chick:

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Alright thanks for the help, but any tips with the actual advertising like what platforms and such.

Alright, so, as you know, you’re making a trendy game and you got chunks of competitors. How to make your ads stand out?

    1. Brag about it online with frauds and photoshopped images (Fake plays, fake donations showed on ads)
    1. Add limit timed codes to make people tempted
    1. Intentially talk trash about other games alike
    1. Make a less generic icon for sponsorship

All of this is for pure business and not personal offense

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