PLS DONATE Smite & Nuke Test | Game Rules

PLS DONATE Smite & Nuke Test | Game Rules
Last updated: 11/25/2022

To remain a positive community, we have some game rules for PLS DONATE Smite & Nuke Test. Your responsibility is to make sure you are following the rules at all times while playing the game. Report any rule breaking to a Moderator or any ranks above Moderator.

  1. Do not crowd any Moderators, Administrators, or Owners.
    Sanction: Warning > Kick from Server

  2. Do not ask any Moderators, Administrators or Owners for in-game funds.
    Sanction: Warning > Kick from Server > Server Ban

  3. Do not dupe any funds or donate in really large amounts to crash the server.
    Sanction: Server Ban > Permanent Ban

  4. Do not be racist or bypass the filter.
    Sanction: Permanent Ban > Report to Roblox

  5. Do not ask any Moderator, Administrator, or Owner for admin permission.
    Sanction: Warning > Server Ban > Permanent Ban

  6. Do not exploit in the game.
    Sanction: Permanent Ban

  7. Do not advertise your game or group or any other things in our games.
    Sanction: Warning > Permanent Ban

  8. Do not donate spam or spam in the chat.
    Sanction: Warning > Permanent Ban

  9. Do not ask to become a staff member for our game.
    Sanction: Reminder > Warning > Server Ban

Please ensure that you follow all other rules that are not listed here.

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