Pls help me position my Gui's in the right Positions

ones i switch to Mobile it Disappears and when i switch again to PC it moves again to the original Position

Have you scaled it on offset??

I tried the Auto Scale lite Plugin

and it worked but if i switched to other devices it disappears

Can you please be more descriptive about your issue?

ok ill try to send a video sorry if its so confusing

robloxapp-20220602-1441204.wmv (185.1 KB)

oof wait thats the wrong one…well its the right one but its a link

the Game Name Gui and the Health GUI was suppose to be in the Center Left Corner but each time i changed into Devices to test it…it moves like that

i tried the Auto Scale lite Plugin but still didnt work

Nevermind it worked now thanks tho @ItzMeZeus_IGotHacked