Pls help to do a smart ai pathfinding service

Hi I just began scripting last month. I started learning the basics and when I came to pathfindingservice, there was no appropriate tutorial on pathfindingservices especially in r15 mode. If you could help me make this advanced pathfindingservice ai in r15, It would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading :grin:

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…Did you come here for ideas or did you already start and have something to show…?

We cannot make full systems or advanced scripts for you. I suggest you watch tutorials on the basics of pathfinding or the actual devhub guide first before you tackle with using pathfinding links and it’s settings


Well first of all, we’d have to tackle two things:


You’d have to make the actual pathfinding AI itself. A really helpful tutorial that shows you how to make an AI that’s actually good can be found here!

Number 2: DOORS

We’re going to have to tell our AI to calculate a path THROUGH a part, which is a door in your case. But, how are we going to do that?

Well you can start thanking PathfindingModifiers! Instructions can be found in a documentation Roblox made about Pathfinding.

Keep scrolling down until you find this part:


That’s the general idea. You could add a hitbox to the door, so when the AI gets close enough to said hitbox, it plays an animation, and does whatever you want it to with the door. That’s at least how I did it.

Thank you all so much for the excellent support you are giving!

I appreciate all the advice you have given me, thanks! I am also so sorry for the late reply though…