[PLUG-IN] Geometrik (Beta)

The plugin has a good start - and it seemingly is what I’ve been looking for - per-vertex editing for parts.

However, it seems that either it’s not enabled, or I’m not doing something right, but I’m unable to edit vertices like in the screenshot.

Other than that, I like the plugin’s concept and hope to see more in the future (such as subdivision!!)


Huh, didn’t know that exist. Thanks.

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Now I’m not a builder but a scripter, and this might help a bit in some edge cases when I build, thanks for making this plugin!

The issue with this is that it uses meshes/unions (can lag if theres a lot) and the hitbox would be limited/not precise + something like this can benefit building games so making circles/triangles would be easier

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If you do them wrong yes, like trying to reach the 10k limit for a simple model for no actual reason or unioning something to oblivion.

Collisions don’t always matter + you wouldn’t really be making complex geometry with just meshes would you

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