[ PLUGIN ] AdvSelect - Your Personal Assistant In Visualizing Objects You've Selected

Hi, everyone!

This plugin is the product of me repeatedly forgetting to select corners in a map I’m currently developing, thus leaving walls or other geometry in the “mirroring” of a hallway, due to how the current selection outlines get lost in overlapping geometry.


  • Forms a green outline around any object that you select, making it very easy to view what you’ve selected already, rather than relying on a outline that can get hidden in more complex geometry.

Planned Updates

  • Selection box updates with selected objects in real time
  • Ability to change the color & transparency of the selection box

Feel free to leave any suggestions and feedback below! :slight_smile:



Nice plugin!

The selection doesn’t update whenever I resize/move the part.

  • nevermind just realised thats a planned update
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Looks cool and definitely seems useful. I don’t like how the default Studio selection box shows the full selection size only, making it hard to see if stuff inside of your selection box actually got selected, and this solves that problem.

I’m assuming this is using the new Forcefields, right? I haven’t had time to mess around with them yet but this would be a cool use of them.

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It is indeed using the new forcefield material! :slight_smile: