[PLUGIN] Anchore & UnAnchore ALL Parts in your workspace. Including Models!

Ever made a thing such huge, and forgot to check make all parts we’re Anchored?
Well, this quite often happens to me.

So, why not write a Plugin for that?

Today, October 16’th 2021, i introduce to you. My first, and for me most usefull Plugin, ever! Anchored/Un Anc##### ALL Parts (Including Models) - Roblox

Please, don’t mind all the freaking Hashtags, as Roblox decided that ‘Anchor’ is a sensitive word, and so ‘UnAnchore’ is.
That’s why for now, it’s named “UnAnchored” and “AnChored” with a ‘d’ at the end.


99% sure you can select the workspace and click anchor, so this plugin is kinda useless.

And looking in your code, it seems a bit complex.
You could just do

for _,inst in pairs(game.workspace:GetDescendants())  do
	if inst:IsA("BasePart") then
		inst.Anchored = true --// or false

To unanchor/anchor everything.

But i’ll give an A for effort, good job.

There’s also an unnecessary “load”, it just seems a bit time wastey


What if there were tools? Tools should be un anchored

Also this seems useless, you could just use U-suit for this

Also, do not add fake loads because it’s already loaded

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Don’t forget ipairs is faster than pairs

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Never used ipairs, didn’t even know it existed :grimacing: I’ll take a look at this, thanks.

It’s basically pairs but it sorts the table in order unlike pairs which randomly splits the table.

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Dang, i thought Plugin’s Source’s wouldn’t be visible for the public?

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No, it’s not but there’s a way on viewing the source code even without releasing it to the public.

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Damn, thank’s Roblox!

The “InsertService” isn’t a option for Plugin’s, right?

Also, do not add fake loads because it’s already loaded

What do you mean?

Yep you guessed it.
Insert service

game:GetService'InsertService':LoadAsset(urpluginid).Parent = game.Workspace

The useless loading thing which dosent load anything as @Fvaser said

This doesn’t work btw. As the CoreScript shouldn’t be anywhere inside ‘Game’

Yeah but it inserts the pluginmodel itself, I wrote this in mobile so this was expected


Going to be completely honest, but there’s not much of a use for this, what’s stopping someone from pressing Control + A then Anchor? Seems more work clicking the plugin icon to me

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Control a selects services as well, but shift still does the work

It is impossible to see a plugin’s source without owning it. I believe you meant that it is possible to see the source of owned plugins.

@HeadlessDeathSpeaker, you should keep this plugin private to yourself, since this post does not meet the criteria for #resources:community-resources. You could alternatively post somewhere else.

You could also make a plugin with more utility features, not limited to a single one.


That’s what I said you can’t view a plugin source code without owning it and for a good reason, so that people won’t get paid plugins for free.

The fact that you need to open all Models, to Anchor all.

You don’t need to open all the models to anchor all