[Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI

Hey Yuuwa0519, how did you get that UI under that transparent TopBar? Everytime i try to do this i failed miserably.

I made the gui under topbar by making the anchor point of frame to (0.5,1), and the size to (1,0,0,36)(top bar is 36 pixels.). The position is (.5,0,0,0).To make topbar transparent, just type in


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Just added position scaling, update in Plugin Manager!

won’t add a “AutoConvertToScalePos” setting since by default it’s already in scale position.

Going to make new icons for toolbar


I’m having an issue with scaling my database GUI. Is this intended behavior? And if so, should I be redesigning my GUI?

Regular size on my screen:

At VGA resolution in the emulator:


I think the size of the word can be fixed by using TextScaled options since this will automatically rescale the size of the text.


Hi guys, please disable auto convert to scale size for now as I’m trying to fix a bug with it.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused :sob:


Thanks for the reply,i was just about to use your plugin for my uis,is it still safe to use add Constraints and the rest of them

Yep! Its mostly the automatic settings that are broken

does this plugin let you scale guis (Frames, Textboxes, TextButtons, etc) that are made with a script (like the properties are in a script rather than the object its self)

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you’re going to a smaller/different resolution if you want to maintain aspect ratio then use the plugin to add UIAspectRatio constraints

also enabled the textscaled property in the textlabels if you want them to scale with the UI


Nope, this is purely made for use alongside GUI Editor

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This seems super helpful. I’ll be using this!

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I used this plugin for a while before it updated to v3, which was going great. Now, when I select multiple frames, textlabels and other objects, it scales them good but the position isn’t the correct position. I hope it gets fixed soon, I really need this.

Hm I changed the method of scaling, it now uses your camera, I will probably remake the entire plugin soon.

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I have published an update that unfortunately disables Settings and automatic scaling features until Roblox fixes the plugin loading behaviour issue. Everything else is working!

Definitely will be using this plugin!


Made a module based on AutoScale plugin



Scaling the UI causing the size changed to “inf”
Is that only for me?

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I just got an issue with XBOX players gui, some buttons positions are messed up, I don’t have the screenshots right now, I will share them tomorrow. But the button position is broken for Xbox players from my game

Can you send a screenshot of explorer? Im trying to replicate it. Ive never experienced this before though.