[Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI

Thanks :slight_smile: Atm I am only wanting it so that it can convert to scale or vice versa when x is say a scale value and y is a offset value.

If you want to do it when it uses two values(scale and offset), can you not look at the absolute size and do some calculations based off that?


I guess, I’m going to make a mindmap and rework my plugin to detect the different situations.

Conditions: (X and Y’s offset or scale is not 0)

-X is Offset, Y is Offset
-X is Scale, Y is Scale
-X is Scale, Y is Offset
-X is Offset, Y is Scale
-X is Offset and Scale, Y is Offset and Scale
-X is Offset and Scale, Y is Scale
-X is Offset and Scale, Y is Offset
-X is Scale, Y is Offset and Scale
-X is Offset, Y is Offset and Scale

oh god… I’ll try making a module or something


Couldn’t you just use the AbsoluteSize of the gui instance, and if converting to offset – set size to absoluteSize as it is – if converting to scale, calculate the AbsoluteSize as a percent of the parent AbsoluteSize

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I don’t think it works like that, I’ll check it out later

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Hey guys! new update, made the settings gui bigger and the plugin now has an auto change anchor point feature.

Warning: Make sure you don’t enable this and move all your gui to startergui because it will completely obliterate your UI (Since it shifts all your UI). I recommend using this only if you are making a new UI from scratch and you know what you’re doing, otherwise, leave it alone.



The plugin now supports waypoints so you can now use the undo button to undo stuff that the plugin did.

Also fixed print message spam.


@ZacBytes I think I should just report a quick thing to you.

There has been a tiny bug in your plugin for a while where, even when scaling to scale, it prints “Converted to offset” .

Just thought I should say so that you can know about this :grinning:

I already fixed this a long time ago. Why don’t you try updating the plugin through the Plugin Manager tab?

I already did, although I just checked and it doesn’t do that anymore.


Noticed that this works for all devices except iPhone 6, hmmm.

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Tested it using emulator, seems to be working fine. Could you send a screenshot of your Explorer tab?

ah, noticed that you use the plugin and scale it before you design it, my mistake.


Updated the plugin yeeeeee

new custom print messages (its actually animated but the gif has low fps so it’s not showing

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I really like this plugin, it saves a bunch of time trying to do the math to position the UI.

I like how you keep updating this plugin to add new stuff.

Well done.


Thank you for this great plugin, it makes my work much easier. I recommend to anyone who is into making UI design.


Can confirm, you are crazy if you think this is a horrible plugin. Get it now. It solved all my scaling problems.


I didn’t see this post until just now and I had been working on writing a plugin that did just this. Thank you for the time saver!


Hey ZacBytes, I have a question about your Plugin, If I want the Plugin to scale my UI for Both Mobile and PC, how can I do so?

The post literally tells you how… Use the constraint

I did but as soon as a change the Device type, it did not work, what am I doing wrong?