Plugin buttons are duplicated when running a game in play solo

For some odd reason, plugin icons are presented twice while I’m in Play Solo or Run mode.

Only the 2nd set of plugin buttons can be interacted with, the other set doesn’t appear to do anything.
I’m not sure if this is a fault on my end since I’m using a custom ribbon bar layout, or if its an actual bug, but I wanted to report it nonetheless.


I’ve had this a few times as well, however I was never able to reproduce it

We’re aware of this issue and are currently working on a solution.

  • Describe the bug. Describe what is happening when the bug occurs. Describe what you would normally expect to occur.

Whenever I hit Play Solo, all of my plugins in the Toolbar seem to duplicate.

  • How often does the bug happen (Everytime/sometimes/rarely)?

This happens 100% of the time when I hit Play Solo

  • Where does the bug happen (www, gametest, etc) Is it level-specific? Is it game specific? Please post a link to the place that exhibits the issue.

In the GIF I posted, I used the standard Roblox Village place. It happens anywhere.

  • Would a screenshot or video help describe it to someone? If so, post one.

I was going to write a post on this then, realised ones already been made. Doesn’t overly bother me but might bother other users. :confused:

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Any update?

We were going to fix this with another change, but that change has been delayed. We’ll look into a separate fix for this issue.