Plugin buttons are no longer able to change icon after creation

Since the most recent patch as of this post studio plugins are no longer able to update their buttons post-creation.

I used this feature to give a visual indication of the plugin actively performing a scan in my HISR plugin. While working on it I noticed that the icon no longer updates and after debugging I found that even though the plugin changes the button’s “Icon” property the change no longer reflects to the button in the toolbar.

I have created a sample plugin to test this behavior if anyone wants it: Testing Plugin Button Icon Changing.rbxmx (1.4 KB)

What is supposed to happen:
If a script in the plugin creates a toolbar button and later changes that button’s “Icon” property then the new image should display on the button.

What currently happens:
If a script in the plugin creates a toolbar button and later attempts to change the button’s “Icon” property then the button image does not update and continues displaying the original icon used at the time of the button’s creation.


I also used this in some of my plugins for the same reason.

For example, from my Pick plugin: image

The pin icon changes to indicate more clearly whether the UI is pinned, much more noticeable than the button background