[Plugin] Canary One | Combining UI plugin into one

Canary One

UI Plugin combined into one but with more features and hot UI.

Canary One is a plugin for UI designers and those who just started!


  • Better unit conversion
    This plugin requires you to select a ScreenGui once, so it can get the screen size, errors like AbsoluteSize is not a member of the folder will not occur!

  • Theme-synced UI
    White mode user? We don’t hate you, our plugin has a white mode, as well!
    Dark mode user? You are also in luck, we do have dark mode as well!
    Multi-theme user? You are in luck as well, we support changing the theme, without restarting studio

  • Contrast checker, a feature, nobody has it in their plugin!
    Want to check your element can be read easily? Use our contrast checker, just select a background and the foreground and it will return the contrast, as well as determining it is good or not!
    (note, the result might not be accurate as always)

Heads up!

This plugin is in the alpha phase, and features may be experimental and the plugin is not done yet. Expect more features to come in the future!

Ooh, seems awesome, how can I get this cool plugin?

You can get it from the plugin store!

pfff the icon don’t update

This plugin seems cool, can I help you with the development?

Sure, I accept suggestions, feedback, and even contributions like features made by you (just make sure it is using what we use for the plugin)

Features coming soon

  • 9-slice helper
    It allows you to drag position to 9slice if you don’t know how to use 9slice properly.

  • Appearance copying
    Copying appearance from an element to another element with just one click

  • Components
    Insert a component into your UI easily (Includes some examples, and you can also put yours into it)


At a high level, what is this plugin for? You immediately skipped to the advantages.

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It’s for UI designers and beginners. Since, I’ve saw a few UI which have several contrast issue, so I decided to code this plugin

So the only feature currently is checking the contrast? And how do you determine which is the background and the foreground

Pretty much have to ask user to select BG and FG.

and yeah, the feature atm is pretty much conversion and contrast, since the 9-slice helper took like 500 lines, still not yet optimized. :confused:

I remember seeing one of your post saying that you are currently working on Canary one. I’m super excited to use it now that it’s available! :tada:

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@nakogls So, this plugin is for new UI developers? Also, how would someone make a UI fix Perfectly on everyone device? (As In Which Option)?

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 2.03.33 pm

This isn’t mainly for responsive scaling, this is just to ease workflow, as well as improving other’s plugins/

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Scale sizes UI to take up the same portion of the screen on every device, Offset is where you specify the exact number of pixels it will take up, so it varies on different screen sizes. The option you seem to be looking for is Scale.

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I’ve fixed some issues like the error when you update the plugin, as well as viewportframe support (not all atm)

The next feature will be the components UI.


I recall seeing in one of your posts that you are now working on Canary one. I’m quite thrilled to put it to use now that it’s accessible!