[PLUGIN] Devlogger - effortless and automated logging

Devlogger - effortless and automated logging

Devlogger is a free to use plugin with no extra purchases used for logging actions inside of Studio using Discord Webhooks. It is able to log:

  • When a developer opens the place
  • When a developer opens or closes a script
  • When an instance or multiples instances are selected
  • When an instance is deleted

Install Devlogger

  1. Enable Studio Access to API services
  2. Copy the following part of your Discord Webhook: discord.com/api/webhooks/XXX/XXXXX
  3. Paste it in the Plugin under Devlogger->Game Settings->Webhook
  4. Once you pasted your webhook press the “Log” button. Now it is saved.
  5. You can now freely change the settings on what you want to be logged.

Note: Other developers must also install this plugin in order for their actions to be logged.
If you have any questions or in case you have issues, please send me a PM. Credit to @SeraphClique for the icon.
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