[PLUGIN] DockWidgetPluginGuiInfo not respecting - Minimum Width & Minimum Height

As seen from the Screenshot, I have a Minimum Width of 400 and Minimum Height or 175, and the DockWidgetGUI is far smaller than these Constraints.

I am running on a clean installation of Roblox Studio, with the new Beta Docking feature.
This, however, also occurs on the old docking system.

Further, I have had plugins in the past respect the Minimum Width & Height, and after an update, it no longer does.
Roblox, please fix.

Expected behavior

The DockWidgetGui Size Constraints to the Minimum Height and Width.


This is intended behavior, and I’d recommend searching for existing reports before posting a new one as this has already been resolved before.


Minimum sizing is disabled in the new docking system primarily because there’s not a good way to preserve the sizing in a shared docking region. We don’t want to scroll the panels because then there would be doubled up scrollbars everywhere.

All that said, I’ve asked the dev team to look into bringing back the minimum sizes for standalone, floating panels and possibly even panels that don’t share the region with other panels. No ETA yet but I think it’s feasible.


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