(Plugin) Get Object Path

When scripting, I often get annoyed when having to type out the path to an object manually, especially if that object has things in its name such as spaces or dashes. To solve this very first world problem, I made this plugin that when you click on it, will print out a path to all items that you have selected, perfectly ready to copy and paste into whatever script you need it in.

The plugin works regardless of the name of the items:

So if for some reason you decided to have this as a model in your workspace:

You would get these two paths as your outputs:




Epic plugin. Wish studio had a write to clipboard function so you could just select model, run plugin, and paste into script.


As soon as it gets one, I’ll add it.

This would be a major security vulnerability, as enough text on the clipboard can lock up a PC. Malicious plugins could write lots of text to the clipboard and crash devices.

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then ask users first if they want this feature on or not, and prevent text over 500 chars from getting copied allow user to change that number from settings