PLugin gui keeps showing up when i start my game, even if the plugin is turned off

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This is just really annoying, when i start a playtest it just pulls up 1-2 plugins on screen and i cant see anything untill i close them.

I have tried:
Restarting pc
restarting studio
turning off plugins
turning on plugins
closing plugins while game is started
looking through dev forum
traveling to a new state in America

Please help, im really annoyed by this. Thank you

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This depends on how the plugin is scripted and when it is enabled, best you can do is disable the plugin fully from the plugin manager. If you did that and it still shows, then I assume that it is your plugin, which incase you should check if any of your scripts is the plugin it self.

If not the case, feel free to make a bug report at #bug-reports

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