[PLUGIN] Interface Tools

How many icons are there? The best solution depends on the quantity.

I’d use a Radix or Prefix tree if you have over a few hundred, otherwise just use string.find because the performance gain isn’t large enough to justify the extra complexity.

I’ve open sourced modules for both of those trees if you decide to use them. Feel free to DM me on Discord about them if you need help.

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This is a great plugin for people who work with game interfaces. Being able to easily access a large amount of Icons, Gradients and Frames will help so many people including me. Thank you for making and continuing to update this project. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s no real point of having gradients in the plugin anymore because ROBLOX is already releasing them to everyone… :confused: it was fun while it lasted.


Updated the plugin icon in studio so it has a transparent background.


957 icons, and I’m implementing it using fuzzy string searching hopefully.


What method of fuzzy searching will you be using? I recommend Levenstein Distance.

An implementation has been shared here:


The one you sent me.

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The Apache license (2.0) doesn’t mandate disclosure of the source (read: attribution). All that the Apache license (2.0) dictates is that you preserve any notices (copyright, license) & document any changes made to the licensed material.

You can verify this for yourself here, here, and here.

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this is amazing but im going to suggest one thing

if they have something selected and its an image then put it there
if they have something selected and its not an image then set the parent to the selected thing
if nothing is selected then do what it did before

That’s not what was said.

The Apache 2.0 Licence requires a copy of the license and copyright notice to be included in the software. As far as I can see, the plugin does not have attribution, as required by the license.


Interface Tools now has an Icon Search feature! Original tweet: https://twitter.com/UndefinedRbx/status/1206909013385986049


Note: Thanks for over 1000 takes!

Hey everyone! I was looking into a reliable way to allow contributions and came up with porting the plugin into a GitHub repository. Unfortunately, I do not have the time and nor do I know a good way to use rojo in order to port it over.

If anyone would be able to convert the plugin into a GitHub repository, please let me know. Thanks!

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I presume you’re using VSCode. VSCode comes pre-packaged with Git support (‘Version Control’).
Version Control makes it extremely easy to commit/view changes in files directly to a git repository.

This documentation explains how to use it, although you may have to find the commands to connect to your github repository elsewhere.

I coded this in Roblox Studio and am looking for someone to port it over to a GitHub/Outside IDE valid format.

Works great - Will be using in the future. However, will text boxes come soon?

Great idea! I’ll definitely work on that when I have time.

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Thank you very much for the demonstration! This will make my UI work a lot easier.

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Hey everyone! I’ve been making some bug fixes and planning additional updates for the future. This plugin will always be free and I would appreciate if anyone would be interested in contributing to continued development. Feel free to donate using the Patreon.


This saves me so much time! GGs only <3