Plugin Is Duplicated

I was making a plugin and suddenly my plugin got duplicated, there used to be 1 button but now theres 2 buttons and only 1 plugin file in the plugins folder. And i cant stop the duplicated plugin. It just spams the output i dont know how to get rid of that extra duplicated plugin


When i try to click on this it says source not available, i cant delete it.

Can you check your scripts to make sure that you haven’t accidentally copied a toolbar button?

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I didn’t copy any buttons, the buttons dont go away even when i delete the plugin script compelety.

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@GamersInternational Is there a way i can see all of the plugin scripts that are currently activated?

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No… unfortunately there’s not an option for that.

Oh, i found out the issue. I accidentaly saved my plugin with another name. I didn’t notice that. Thank you so much for your time


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