[Plugin] Jumpscare Creator

Jumpscare Creator Plugin

The Jumpscare Creator plugin allows more newer and inexperienced developers to create jumpscare systems for their games using a simple visual menu that can create jumpscare parts in two clicks!

Whilst this plugin may be simple and useless for more experienced developers, this plugin is aimed at the newer developers who aren’t familiar with lua and would prefer a more visual approach. Also, this is my first plugin, so please leave any suggestions as i’ll be reading through all of them and applying changes.

In only two clicks, you can create a part that, whenever touched by any player, will show a jumpscare image along with a sound effect of choice. The jumpscares will be sized automatically on all screens.


Upon starting the Jumpscare Creator plugin, you’ll be given the option to enter an Image ID and Sound ID. Upon clicking next, a part and a folder named Jumpscares will be created. You must keep all jumpscares in the “Jumpscares” folder, else they won’t be recognized as jumpscares!


It is fully possible to create jumpscares without using the menu. You can utilize the “JumpscareMain” script that Jumpscare Creator automatically places whenever you create your first jumpscare.

You can create custom jumpscares (without the visual UI) by creating a part and adding two StringValues called JumpscareImage and JumpscareSound. Keep in mind you won’t need to add the roblox extension of rbxassetid:// at the start of the sounds, as Jumpscare Creator does this automatically and by default. Your custom jumpscare must be placed in the Jumpscares folder.

Your custom jumpscares/regular jumpscares must always be parented to the Jumpscares folder, else it won’t work! If there is no Jumpscares folder created, you can manually create it. It is parented to workspace.



To get the Jumpscare Creator plugin, you can visit it’s Plugin Page and click “Install”. Once that’s done, restart any open studio instances and the plugin should be working!

If you ever use my plugin, I would like to thank you. This is my first plugin that i’ve released and it would be nice if you could leave a suggestion as there is always room for improvement. Thanks!