[Plugin] Leaderstats Builder

Just my First Plugin is Made for People who Might be Too Lazy to Script a Simple Leaderstats or People who are Starting with Scripting. The leaderstats Allows you to Add a Custom Autosave Time and Custom Start Ammount.

Leaderstats Builder Download

To Simply Add a Leaderstats Just Fill out the Boxes With :

  • Autosave,
  • Leaderstat Name &
  • Start Ammount.

and with one Click the Leaderstats Script is added into your Game.


If you Wanted to Delete One Leaderstats you Can Either Delete from:

Explorer > ServerScriptService>Leaderstats

Or open up the Plugin and go to Delete Leaderstats and Find the Leaderstats there.

Just a Screenshots to See the Menu:

For Testing in Studio Make sure to have Datastore API Enabled


Suggestion: Implement Data Store2 support.


  1. StartAmount looks like it’s not working or at least not in Studio.
  2. If I click on Help, I can’t go back. Closing the window and click on the Icon again doesn’t help, it’s still stuck on the Help page. This bug occur for every page that got no back button. I always stay on the same page.

Thanks for the feedback. The reason the startammount might not be working is you did the same Leaderstats at a different start amount and it’s showing that data. And if you expand the window down the back to menu button will appear.

I used a blank Baseplate to test it.

That’s weird as it’s working for me.

I recorded a video of it, where I show the two bugs I mentioned:

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Did you have Datastore API services enabled?

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I fixed a Few bugs but i think @xvo_lt is right that you Need Datastore API Enabled for it to work.

I have serious concerns.

From the looks of it, every time someone wants to save another value. instead of modifying one exsisting script you appear to just add another, given you also have auto save implemented this will be hitting limits very quickly.

It is my first plugin so I did it this way but hopefully as I get more used to plugins i will able to get it in one script. And to stop the data limits I have added limits for a maximum of 5 Values. As since it’s a leaderstats there is normally only 1-3 Values such as Kills, Deaths & Cash.

Suggestion here: Add custom datastore options, i.e. when the player leaves the data saves (PlayerRemoving) etc

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I just inserted your plugin and I created the following code for an update: Save On Leaving

If you are interested I will message you the code to ensure it is confidential and no one can steal it. :grinning:

I’d like to use that :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry i havnt been active but I will add that to the script in the next few hours

I can’t install it, it says it failed, and I have tried it multiple times. It says that like the launch task failed.

Could you post a screenshot of the problem?

After I press okay it opens the studio but doesn’t install the plugin.

Reload your page, it did the same thing to me, but I just refreshed the page. Also, if you look at it, it says “item owned” in the background.

Oh, lemme try, I may have just been dumb.

It still doesn’t show it in my plugins and I refreshed it and stuff.