Plugin Management says no plugins are installed, despite having 137 plugins

Whenever I try to manage my plugins, the new window pops up, but then, it says I have no plugins at all (even though I do). When I try to install a new plugin, it still doesn’t show up. It should be showing all of my plugins.

This has just happened December 3 (the first time I saw the new update) and it’s really preventing me from developing my game. Please help!

I have 137 plugins: 12 On my alt I use for building + 124 on this account + 1 I made that is in my files and is always enabled. I can access all of them on either account too.

I do not have any beta features enabled.
I’m using Windows.

This has happens every time when I click manage plugins. It even happens after restarting studio, starting a brand new place, all of my other places, and even after the update today.

What Happens:

My Plugins:


In the Toolbox there should be a My Plugins tab

Thanks for bring this up, DeathLilian also has had this issue in the original thread, Introducing New and Improved Plugin Management! - #28 by St4rst0n3, and we are actively working on a fix for those that have more than 100 plugins.


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