Plugin menus not working anymore?

Has anyone come across an issue where plugin menus stopped working entirely?

I’m aware of the issue that causes them to stop working if you save a local plugin and keep Studio open, but suddenly this is happening even when I restart Studio, and is happening on all plugins, including ones I haven’t touched that it was working on previously.

I’m on the latest Studio version. It was all working fine this morning. I then closed Studio and reopened it and it’s not been working since ( and I tried restarting my PC just in case ). Is there maybe a Studio setting I’m missing that could disable this feature?

I wanted to check here before lodging a bug in case I’d somehow changed some setting in Studio I wasn’t aware of, as this seems like something that must be local to me, unless it’s an issue that has been introduced in the newest version of Studio.

I’m beginning to think that the plugin menu is too unreliable to use and it would be safer for me to just create my own menu system done using the ui.

This hasn’t happened to me, maybe try re-installing studio?

I decided that it was the last straw with plugin menu bugs so created my own menu system instead. Now at least, I don’t have to restart Studio every time I change my plugins

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They are utterly broken if you’re testing/debugging a plugin in Studio in Run mode. I made a bug report for this a while back, but it didn’t gain any traction.

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If this is something more people might be interested in, I’d be happy to make my menu plugin available.

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