Plugin: Mesh Inserter

I was learning how to make plugins and I made this plugin. It lets you insert building shape meshes right from the plugin without looking in the toolbox. The plugin does NOT have any virus. I’ll keep this updated and add more meshes over time!

Right now there is a variety of 30 meshes


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Please leave feedback on how I can improve.


Although I can’t use it right now. I can tell that this is nice. The UI is better than most plugins I’ve seen.


I want to download it the thing is I hate that I cant find this in the toolbox roblox only keeps it’s trusted ones in there.
EDIT: Yes I know theres no virus I’m just saying if I search for your username in the plugins your plugin wont pop up.

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It was only published less than 20 minutes ago. I just finished making it. The link is in the post you can get it from there.


Woah, this is going to help a lot! I use a mesh kit with these types of meshes. This will save so much time! Please continue updating this with even more meshes!

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It is an amazing building plug-in!

This will save me a lot of time making maps! :smile:

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Thanks! I really appreciate this plugin. It’s really hard to get a virus free one of these and the things in the toolbox aren’t very high qualiity. This is a legitimately useful plugin!