[Plugin] Offset to Scale

Hello developers of Roblox, I would like to introduce you to my new plugin called ‘Offset to Scale’.

So, what exactly does this plugin do?

Offset to Scale sets all selected GUI instances in Roblox Studios’ offset to 0, while maintaining the same set size, so you can save time by not having to scale the GUI.

How do I use Offset to Scale?

It’s extremely simple! After installing the plugin, go into Studio, select all of the GUI items you want to scale using Offset and you’re done! The plugin will notify you of its success.

Keep in mind without selecting an element at all, or not selecting a GUI element, the plugin will throw you a warning and it will not work. The plugin will also not do anything if the GUI element you have already selected has an X.Offset or Y.Offset of 0.

A nice video demo for the Developers in the back.
And a nice little side by side comparison between No Offset to Scale and With Offset To Scale:

Will this cost anything?

Nope. This plugin is and will remain free of charge. i am too lazy to verify my account to put a price up anyway

Where can I get this plugin?

Thanks for being interested in getting my plugin! You can click on this nice and shiny blue text to download and get started.

I have a suggestion/found a bug! Where’s the best place to contact you?

You can add my Discord which is @mhbliz_ (bliz#5938). DevForum post comments are also just fine, but you can also leave a comment under the plugin if you’d like.

Thanks for the quick read, do consider getting the plugin, and have a great day!

Shoutout to @Scottifly for helping out with suggestions.


you already can achieve this using AutoScale


Any way I could somehow differentiate between the two plugins?

the one he linked breaks inside scrollingframe

good work you should make your own also work inside scrollingframe (tbh i didnt test yours so i dont know if it also works in scrollingframe or not)

basicially you must pay robux to autoscale in order for converting sizes in scrollingframe to work which kinda sucks

i beg you make your own free version of converting offset to scale inside scrollingframe then i will use your autoscale instead :pray:

EDIT: important i just tested autoscale lite and it doesnt even convert from offset to scale when something is parented to ScrollingFrame but yeah i know that you gotta get paid version of autoscale in order for offset to scale work inside ScrollingFrame

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honestly i made the plugin to work with all gui elements, you can test to see if it works with scrollingframe or not, id honestly love to build off Autoscale Lite.

LocalPlayer is nil in studio pls fix :pray:
Zrzut ekranu (38)

I got the same error while playtesting, does the error affect anything in studio?

yes scaling button doesnt work

Cool, good for “ui designers” who don’t use the properties panel to scale their UI.

Sadly, I don’t have a use for this, because I don’t fall under that group.

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