Plugin pricing, How?

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So reacently I’ve been working on some plugins I want to sell on the Roblox marketplace. But I really wonder. How do you price your plugins, So that is just as fair on the maker as on the buyer.

What I’m asking is. Could you guys give me a guide on how to deside the price of a plugin based on certain factors?



EDIT: Btw, Am I in the righ topic section?

This video could help?

If I could give my own advice, it’d be:

If it’s easy, and you didn’t put too much effort, consider open source. You can always ask for donations. Price it based off of your effort, not “competitive prices” or “market price.” You know what you’re worth, you don’t need certain factors in order to determine your price. The only factor is effort, but keep in mind usefulness of your plugin. People won’t consider high prices if the plugin isn’t that useful.

But, for the numbers, I see plugins ranging from about 100-1500 robux. 1500 robux, personally would equal a ground-breaking revolutionary plugin. 100 robux would be a simple tool that you put some effort in. In the middle, its something that you put a lot of effort in but could be lacking in usefulness or difficulty.

I tried my best, and I hoped this helped you.

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