[Plugin] Random Stamp - Random Placement Tool for Builders

This weekend I decided to dive into making my first plugin. It is a tool that allows you to take random models or parts and click to put them in the world like a stamp tool.

How it works:
Step 1: Click the parent that has all the models and objects that you would like to stamp. This does not search deeply, so it only grabs the children of what you have selected. Once you select the parent, press the folder button next to P:

  • Models must have a primary part, since that is what is used to help determine the offset and position.
  • All other objects must have a size and CFrame property, so unions, parts, wedgeparts, etc will all do.

Step 2: Click on the parent of the new objects that you would like to place, and then press the folder button next to C:. The default is set to workspace.

Step 3: Choose the settings that you would like to have when placing.

  • Rotation: Having this selected chooses a random degree from a full rotation and applies it in the chosen axis.
  • Offset: Having this selected adds half of the object’s primary part’s size in the chosen axis to the CFrame.
  • Placement - Position: This takes account the mouse’s position, rather than the CFrame of the mouse when clicking to add an object.
  • Placement - CFrame: This takes account the mouse’s CFrame when clicking to add the object
  • Active: Having this set to on allows clicking in the workspace to place new objects, and setting this to off stops the functionality.

Step 4: Click in the workspace wherever you would like to stamp the random object.


  • Make sure that the axis of the root parts is set correctly, or the placement may turn wonky.
  • To use this as a stamper of only one certain object, have that object as the only child of the P:.

If there are any bugs, please let me know. I quickly and messily threw this together in two days and this is my first plugin, so I expect bugs will be there. Probably won’t be able to get to them this week with three midterms, but we will see.

If this helps you out, then please let me know as well. If there are better plugins that does the same functionality please share as well.


I love this! This will be really useful for all things related to terrain decoration!

In your example, if you added new models to the Trees folder would those automatically be added to the random rotation or would you have to readd the Trees folder?

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Every time you click it does a random search through the folder until it either finds that none of the objects are compatible, or finds an object it can place. So in short terms, if you add a new item it will be put in consideration when placing. :smiley:


This plugin is so helpful. Thank you.