Plugin read/write over custom drag increments

Plugin has access to GridSize (read-only), but not the new custom drag increments. It’d be great if plugins could both read from and write to the custom drag increments, and also read/write their enabled states.


Yes. I use this GridSize currently to determine default spacing for a plugin that places nodes on a map and for a plugin that places foliage without having to worry about any offset.

Allowing it to write the new custom drag increments would allow me to double the resolution by holding a button down on my mouse.
(For example, my grid size is 1. I press my button. My grid size is now 0.5. I press my button again. My grid size is now 1 again.

Much faster than setting my grid size to 1, moving my mouse to the proper ribbon bar tab, clicking in the text box, placing my hand off of my mouse to type a number (bonus points if I miss), putting my hand back to my mouse resizing it once at 0.5, then doing the process again for 1)

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We definitely need this. Support.