Plugin Requires Elevated Security (lacking permission 5)

Hello, I’m trying to write a plugin to speed up some of my routine scripting tasks.

One of the things I was trying to do was an ‘Auto Commit-All’ button, but I’m getting an error:

The current identity (5) cannot GetDrafts (lacking permission 5)

Is there any way for me to elevate the plugin’s permissions since I’ll be the only one writing/using it?

What method is giving you that error?


DraftsService | Roblox Creator Documentation is RobloxSecurity, you cannot access it.

Remember: if a method doesn’t have a description or has a higher security tag, you cannot access it.

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And there’s no way for me to elevate permissions to get around that?

Nope. The highest security you can access is LocalUserSecurity, and for an automatic process, PluginSecurity. Unfortunately, your ideea isn’t possible at this moment.


So wait, cimmitting scripts is a Team Create feature, if you’re the only one using it why do you have Team Create on?

I’m working with a modeler. Also, I like the committing at set intervals so there’s clear and easy script reverting.

Okay, I suggest if you don’t want all of the commuting scripts problem you could copy all of the world in a place tag to only yours and get the models from teh Modeler and script them so you don’t have to commit scripts, but it’s your choice in the end

Could someone make this a feature request? I don’t have permission in the Studio Features page.

All you need to do is save the game to commit all.

It doesn’t commit when I save.

Well I know for a fact that closing the scripts will commit them? So you can spam Ctrl + W to close them all to quickly commit.

No? Do you have Collaborative Scripting enabled?

Make a bug report to @bug-support but instead of a bug send them a #feature-requests in the right format, if your luckily after 1 week it’ll get accepted and moved there

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