Plugin script modification warnings should be more specific

With the new update regarding plugin saftey comes a new window with a warning whenever a plugin attempts to do anything with a script. However, for the general public, the warnings that are given, while somewhat accurate, can also be a bit scary and imply the plugin was trying to do something worse than it was. These warnings should be more specific for the action that the plugin was trying to perform; even something as simple as changing the parent of the script will trigger this window and would probably cause someone to think it was trying to inject or modify code in the game. A bit of an overreaction, no?

If Roblox can address this issue, this would help developers safely determine which plugins are safe for use and which are not without having to assume the worst every time that window pops up.

*Also a side note, maybe it’d be best to have the permissions reset every time a plugin receives an update?


I’ve already seen kids posting on resource topics claiming peoples’ plugins are viruses. This popup is currently way too threatening and needs to give more information.


  • The full path of the instance being affected (parent would be nil if it’s being created, presumably, and this should also be communicated)
  • Where the instance is going