[Plugin] Studio Essentials

Studio Essentials is a collection of tools which I find essential for my Studio workflow. Thus the name of the plugin :wink:

As of last edit, the plugin includes the following features:

  • Load any asset or player character in R6 or R15.
  • Freeform and polygon modeling.2
  • Quick weld, pivot rotate and surface align entire selections.2
  • Mirror selections with solid support for unions, beams, particles and much more.1
  • Extend or retract surfaces to align corners.2
  • Paint part appearance with a brush.
  • Extensive script theme editor with many presets and tools to create and share your favorite theme in seconds.3



3 (More colors have been added since this clip was made)


Not bad!!

Though the interface for the theme editor needs work!


From the video is looks like you’re not using widgets? Why is that? (On the script theme editor)


Where can I get this plugin that you can rotate it perfectly? Since I am a Builder I really have trouble rotating and putting it in a perfect position with another part/object.

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You can access all of the plugin’s features either from the plugin button in the plugin tab or you can assign hotkeys via file -> advanced -> shortcuts.
The link to the plugin is at the top of the thread, in case you’re having trouble finding it.


Ohh, okay thank you for your help I didn’t see the plugin on the post xD have a great day!


This looks really good. The theme editor looks pretty confusing though. Other than that keep up the good work.

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For some reason I cannot place or rotate one part at a time it grabs everything on the baseplate. When I press “Surface Join” I cannot move it or place it just like the video showed. And when I try to rotate it on “Point Rotate” it rotates everything on the baseplate, I’m not sure if its the plugin or my studio not working properly or if I don’t know how to use it correctly. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with it?

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Roblox Studio welds surfaces together by default, creating physical connections between them. The plugin respects and preserves such welds.
You can deactivate this behaviour in the Model tab (“Join Surfaces”).

EDIT: The surface join, point rotate and mirror tools will now remove welds between parts within and outside of selection. You can update the plugin in your plugin manager.
Thank you for your feedback.


Alright thank you it worked. It’s a great plugin.

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this is epic. although i’d have to agree with others, the theme editor at first glance looks really confusing.

edit: after looking at it for a minute, it’s actually super straightforward and functional. I think just the way the information is displayed (especially cropped in the video like that) gives the impression that it’s very cluttered, since there’s a lot of different colors and text in a very condensed area.


Things appear to be jumbled up, and don’t match the context menu that’s included with the plugin. I would add padding to the elements and possibly make them round.

Other than that, it’s fine.

Awesome! I love this!

I have a question about this:

That’s something like creating meshes?
If not, then it’s possible to create a tool to create meshes with parts/triangles? That might help me alot!

You can’t exactly create mesh parts or mesh files but yes triangle modeling is included.

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It looks like it will come in handle with new developers learning to build.

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I cannot get the tools to work, I was wondering what is the default hotkey?

There is no default hotkey. If you do not assign any, you’ll have to use the button in the plugin tab.

How can I assign hotkeys?

File > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts

Hey there.

I love this plugin but it just stopped working for me. The interface wont load up at all… Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck. Doubt it is my studio as all my other plugins work and it doesn’t matter the place I am working on. Please help here?