Plugin that converts to PascalCase naming convention

Is there any coding plugin that translates all identifiers and variables within the code to the PascalCase naming convention?

For example:

local variable = 'Hello!'
print(variable) -- Here, it uses an identifier from the 'variable'

Converted code:

local Variable = 'Hello!'
print(Variable) -- Here, it uses an identifier from the 'Variable'

It’s this simple.

With a quick search, I found this which is exactly what you’re looking for.

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No luau typing seems crazy, but it’s enough. I’ll see if i can convert it’s AST to support Luau typing.


Weird he didn’t include that to be honest, it would be pretty easy to edit it, hopefully.

Anytime :).

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I spent a ridiculous amount of time preventing it from converting typed luaU to prevent it breaking code. I don’t think typed luau support is viable for a number of reasons primarily the lexer it Is built off, You would need to start from scratch, it’s not easy to add.

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Oh yikes… Good luck to him then.

Sad thing.

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