Plugin that opens a new buttons list tab

Hello, I’d like to ask a question.

So, as you can see here, this plugin’s button opens a new list of buttons, which can be very handy for me. How could I do that?

What can I add to this script? Thanks.

local Plugin = plugin:CreateToolbar("Plugin")
local button1 = Plugin:CreateButton("Name", "Hover", "rbxassetid://1234567890")
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You would have to create the whole GUI first and then add it as a parent to your plugin script:

local GUI = --wherever the GUI is
GUI.Enabled = false

    GUI.Enabled = true

What I think you’re trying to do is add a dropdown list to a plugin button

This cant be done explicitly, it happens when you have too many plugin buttons in the ribbon at once

ps: i want this making a feature request now.

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