[PLUGIN] Voxel Terrain/Memory Optimizer

Scarlet Terrain

Disclaimer This product is meant for the ease of developers working under one of my projects, it is not meant for mass production. I just made it a public release due to the simplicity and usefulness of it.

Scarlet Terrain is a simple and lightweight plugin in which will severely optimized ROBLOX Smooth Terrain, by automatically reducing the voxels that cannot be seen to the players eye.

This product has a very specific usage, and it was made for a particular reason- which is to reduce a height map or reduce man made terrain by automatically “thinning” it out, or reducing parts in which cannot be seen by the eye.

There are a few problem cases, in which can be found below.


Open for usage instructions!
Upon installing the plugin a 'Scarlet' toolbar will be added, you will see a blue logo, when you click it a widget will appear on your screen. The widget has instructions built in.

Terrain Thickness
A slider in which will determine how ‘thin’ or how ‘thick’ you wish for your terrain to be after the reductions.

Upon clicking create region a part will appear infront of you. Size this to match the size of your terrain you wish to ‘optimize’, bare in mind that the larger you go, the slower it’ll perform.

Once you engulf your terrain in the region, simply click the button once more, and it will do the calculations and automatically optimize your terrain.



Truthfully, it’s situational based, but if you’ve ever imported map or have a truly large scale world using smooth terrain, what you’ll notice is that it takes extreme amounts of memory, which as a result increases your server ping alongside load times.

This will reduce both of those aspects. Don’t believe me?

This place is an unoptimized game, it can take over 5 minutes for you to load in, and the ping will on average be around 800. This is due to way too many voxels. (Approx 180 million)

So this will fix it! You can reduce voxels easily!

Usage Failures

Overhangs wont work, or regions in which you need to see the bottom or terrain below. I’m far too lazy to calculate situations like those. Feel free to implement it if you want, don’t care.



Omg i have a very big map and that lag just a little let me test it right now this impressive, i will answer to this with screen before and after ! Also i dont really see how it work can you make some exemple ?

A very good plugin, but sometimes the Reduce Terrain button is pressed every other time, or it breaks down altogether, you either have to restart the plugin or the studio
And I would also like a convenient return function so that there is no need to create a new white cube and also the ability to create multiple regions.
The plugin really helps, sometimes an extra terrane is removed, but it is not difficult to remove the holes in any way!

Check the error logs / output. A lot of times this issue is due to the region you’re making being too big. I might look in to fixing this; but like I said, this plugin is primarily meant to just be a tool in which my team could use- so I’m not really maintaining it.