Plugin widget floatXSize and floatYSize not working

I want to create a plugin widget that initiates with a set size, however, Roblox studio refuses to set the widget to the values that I give it.

I’ve tried looking around for any other people with similar issues but for some reason I don’t see anyone talking about this.

Heres my code:

local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar("testplugin")
local button = toolbar:CreateButton("Button", "", "")
local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")
button.ClickableWhenViewportHidden = true

local widgetinfo =
	Enum.InitialDockState.Float, --initDockState
	true, --initEnabled
	true, --overrideEnabledRestore
	200, --floatXSize (initial X size)
	200, --floatYSize (initial Y size)
	50, --minHeight
	50 --minWidth

local function CreateWidget()
	-- creating a new widget with a completely unique id(in order to avoid it from restoring to a previous state)
	local temp = plugin:CreateDockWidgetPluginGui(HttpService:GenerateGUID(true), widgetinfo)
	-- inital size
	-- wait 0.5 seconds and print new size
	return temp



My output shows that although the widget initially starts at around the right size, something is causing it to resize afterward.
I’ve tried multiple different floatXSizes, floatYSizes, and min heights/widths but none of them seem to work. The initial X size is always -2 off the floatXSize and the initial Y size is always off by -25. Roblox also seems to resize the widget to be 1592, 150 afterward regardless of what floatXSize & floatYSize I give it.

Is there anything I’m missing?