Plugin Widget help?

Hey developers. I’m making a plugin, and I want to make a set-up similar to this plugin below.

Screenshot (2399)

Basically you click the button, and a menu, with more buttons appear. This appears to use Widgets in my best guess, but how would I go about making something like this (what widget to use, to what position it etc.)? and position the widget if the button is in different locations. Any and all help is much appreciated as I work in understand Widgets!

Edit: Currently trying different things rn

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I guess lets start with a simpler questions.

How can I get the position of a plugin button, and or, how can I make a widget that isn’t movable!

I’ll take any ideas and I’m also trying loads of tests myself right now

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The particular plugin you are showcasing doesn’t actually handle that themselves. It is Roblox ‘compressing’ all of the buttons into a drop down menu, due to there being too many items in your plugin selector thing.

When you have less plugins activated, it will appear like this

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Hi there,
I believe I’ve figured out how “Autoscale Lite” and other plugins achieve the effect you are going for. Instead of creating one button in their script, they create multiple buttons (each being an item they want in their drop down menu). Here’s a quick example of how they do it:

local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar([[Replace with overall plugin name]])

local button1 = toolbar:CreateButton([[Replace with button params]])
local button2 = toolbar:CreateButton([[Replace with button params]])

You’ll notice that the drop down option only appears when you have a certain amount of other plugins.

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Oh really! Intresting. Is there a way to ‘force’ compress them, into this menu…

As far as I can tell, there is not a way to force it.

Oh no… Alright, ok. Thanks for the help @PoppyandNeivaarecute & @Oonzii

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