PluginActions added to the Quick Access Bar cause studio to crash upon opening a new place

When a PluginAction is added to the Quick Access Bar, and a new place is loaded within the same studio session, studio crashes. This happens every time. It doesn’t save this however so it does not prevent subsequent openings of places.

I would normally expect PluginActions to save when added to the quick access bar, as they’re implemented in such a way that they can be added to it. At the very least I don’t expect them to crash Studio.

To reproduce this crash:

  1. Put the following code into a plugin or the command bar: PluginManager():CreatePlugin():CreatePluginAction("AnyActionIDHere", "AnythingHere", "", "")
  2. Open a place
  3. Add the action to the quick access bar (it is named AnythingHere, but it could be named anything)
  4. Close the place
  5. Open a new place. This will trigger the crash.

This feels contrary to the nature of PluginActions so a fix would be appreciated. I’ve also not tagged this as critical as it feels unnecessary, but if I am encouraged I’ll do so.

This should be fixed in a coming release.

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