PluginActions are too difficult to find

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find PluginActions associated with plugins I have downloaded.

When I don’t know what the PluginActions associated with a plugin are (because this isn’t obvious usually, especially if a plugin has multiple) my first thought is to search for the name of the plugin in the Customize Shortcuts menu, however unless the developer manually adds this to the parameters of the function like the name and description it won’t return the PluginActions you’re looking for.

In this screenshot, I’m searching for the PluginAction(s) associated with “Reclass” but its PluginAction isn’t showing up in results because the PluginAction doesn’t have ‘Reclass’ in it’s name.

As some examples, see the following:

I had to search using alternate terms rather than the name of the plugin to find what I was looking for

The Rojo plugin manually names all of its PluginActions starting with "Rojo: " to avoid this issue:

This was suggested when PluginActions were introduced back in 2018 as a temporary workaround it seems, though we’ve been having to rely on it ever since.

It’d improve my experience if any of the following were implemented:

  • Automatic grouping of PluginActions per plugin in the Customize Shortcuts menu list
  • Making sure all associated PluginActions come up in search when searching the plugin’s name
  • A dedicated section for user-created plugins so that they’re easy to find in the mix of all of Roblox Studio’s default actions

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I’d be easily able to find, know about and use the associated PluginActions I want to use faster than before.