SelectRibbonTool allows us to set the active Studio tool, but there’s no method for getting the current tool. It’d be great if we were provided with this information. Use cases:

  • Plugin that cycles through select/move/rotate/scale on keypress
  • Replace a tool temporarily (e.g. CmdUtl and offshoots use a custom Selector tool, and these plugins could select this tool whenever Select is autoselected (on another plugin deselect) so users wouldn’t have to keep manually reselecting the custom selector)
  • Context-sensitive keybinds (e.g. button to toggle on/off the Transform tool based on whether it’s already active or not)
  • Better plugin compatibility with default tools (e.g. don’t add custom resize handles on part select if default scale tool is activated)
  • etc

Why ribbon in name though? Ribbon bar will eventually replace system menu.

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It matches existing API

For anyone coming across this feature request in the future, this method was added in version 301 (2017-08-01). You can learn more about it here: